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Reabilitao do Antigo Matadouro

Architecture | 30 May 2018

Architecture studio OODA Oporto Office for Design and Architecture won the international contest to the Old Matadouro (slaughterhouse) of Portos renovation and extension

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North Music Festival

Art + Culture | 22 May 2018

The second edition of North Music Festival will take place at Alfndega do Porto, in Porto, Portugal, on the 25th and 26th of May

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Pablo Pita

Magazine Architecture | 06 Apr 2018

In a short conversation, we understand why the architecture office Pablo Pita is one of the most promising in the Portuguese scenery.

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Spring la Carte

Flavour | 28 Mar 2018

Spring has arrived to Astria restaurant, in InterContinental Porto Palcio das Cardosas, with new gastronomic suggestions by chef Francisco Pico

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Magazine Style | 27 Mar 2018

Guided by Emanuel de Sousa and his sister Patrcia Sousa, we discovered two places in Porto, that strongly strengthen this idea. Through their work was born ROSA ET AL Townhouse and, later on and autonomously, EARLYMADE, the concept store right next door.

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Magazine Interiors | 27 Feb 2018

Enchanted by Tom Jobims melody, the architect Vitor Almeida created Eu.Sei.Que.Vou.Te.Amar (ESQVTA) studio.

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Claus Porto

Style | 22 Feb 2018

Yesterday was a day to learn more about an ancient art, a smooth, well scented art. At Claus Porto flagship store, in Rua das Flores, Porto, we had the opportunity to watch and participate in a workshop about making soap

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7g Roaster Apartments

Style | 07 Feb 2018

An innovative concept has just arrived in Vila Nova de Gaia - the 7g roaster apartments offers its guests the opportunity to combine a wonderful stay in one with the tasting of coffee of excellent quality

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Sushisan Porto Galerias de Paris

Flavour | 29 Dec 2017

Were in Portos downtown, more precisely in Galerias de Paris area. Our destiny, a bit forward in Rua Santa Teresa , is the new Sushisan

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Interiors | 04 Dec 2017

In Bonfim, in one of the oldest urban areas of Porto city and with a strong industrial heritage, born the new offices of Blip

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Ach Brito

Style | 04 Dec 2017

Ach Brito is almost celebrating its beginnings centennial. On the eve of its anniversary, the brand which works with soaps and perfumes opened a temporary story in the heart of Porto

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Camilo Jaa

Magazine Flavour | 30 Nov 2017

Camilo Jaa is Chilean and arrived in Porto 12 years ago. The chef`s "obsession" for Latin America gave birth to the new Panca Cevicheria & Pisco Bar located in Portos center.

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