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Design | 07 Abr 2017



When visiting a café, always an obvious question arises: where to put our bag or purse. Phebos Xenakis, a young Belgian designer Belgian, created a table - Trapesi - which promises to solve this problem. Each corner of this table consists of a fold that can be used as a hook to hang a bag or a purse on it, or even to put a magazine or newspaper. With a simple and contemporary design, Trapesi is made from solid oak wood and their are indirectly connected with the tabletop through the middle structure. This makes it look as if the tabletop is levitating. Phebos Xenakis recently won silver at the European Product Design Award with his project Trapesi in the category of Outdoor and Exercise Equipment/Patio/Garden Furniture and Accessories.



Photos: Nathan Devreese

Phebos Xenakis


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